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12 May 2016

Highlights in May 2016

WindRail pilot project in Berlin proceeds - planned inauguration is July

• Anerdgy is in the top 10 Swiss Startup Awards 2016 - decision in September
• Al Homsi Group is our first distributor in Syria.
• EU project Smart Urban Isle starts with Anerdgy.

11 January 2016

C30 Manufacturing Start

By the end of 2015 the brand new WindRail C30 was released for its initial batch manufacturing.

It comes with the highest wind efficiency, easier transport and more colouring options.

The C30 is the 1st commercial available WindRail after 3 years of R&D as well as 2 years of testing. Interested to realize lighthouse projects with great communication potential? Anerdgy is ready and keen to prove our quality, expertise and performance.

30 December 2015

H2020 Zero Plus

Anerdgy takes part in the European H2020 R&D project „Zero plus“.

We deliver know how around renewable energy @ buildings and develop optimal products for the case studies which are located in Cyprus, UK, France and Italy.

Visit to find out more.

03 September 2015

Project with Bundesamt für Energie

Anerdgy has successfully completed a so called TRS7 P&D project in cooperation with Swiss Federal Office of Energy.

Together with our academic partner Zurich University of Applied Sciences, we have completed testing of our latest WindRail® prototype and proven high efficiency of our wind turbine is achievable!  We are now yielding about 3 times more energy than a freestanding HAWT of a comparable size. Our final report about the technology has been submitted and will soon be ready for publication.

24 August 2015

Anerdgy on "Inventer demain" by RTS

Anerdgy has been selected as one of the innovative technology inventors presented on the television documentary series "Inventer demain".

26 July 2015

WindRail® C-prototype refurbished

Through continuous R&D efforts and our findings, we have developed an improved design of the WindRail® module wind channel.

In order to further test our assumptions regarding efficiency improvement, we have built a solution to upgrade the existing prototype to desired channel geometry and are now conducting further testing.

29 May 2015

GreenTec Awards 2015

We are proud to announce, Anerdgy has been awarded the 2nd place in the prestigious Green Tec Awards competition

- Europe's largest environmental award.  We are delighted to receive this award and we see this as a great incentive to establish “WindRail® – Roofs as sustainability centers” on the market.  Together we can succeed!

14 April 2015

Swiss CTI label award

We are proud to announce that the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation has awarded Anerdgy a CTI startup label.

Having assessed WindRail® technology, business potential as well as the team, CTI is confident that Anerdgy can make a valuable contribution to energy transition.  Our team makes you a promise to serve you well to that end!

20 February 2015

WindRail® C-prototype installation

WindRail® C-prototype has been successfully installed on the silo building in Marthalen, Switzerland, where it will undergo series of further testing.

The new model is optimised for industrial buildings and has an improved wind turbine efficiency and includes a highly dynamic, state of the art control unit, which allows us to maximize the energy yield from the wind.  In the coming weeks we will be performing final testing and optimisation in collaboration with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

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