We didn’t INVENT the first wind turbine. But we did REINVENT it.

The Anerdgy B60 is a microwind system that is capable of being combined with solar energy in order to achieve zero plus buildings. The wind turbine consists of two rotors that line up automatically with the main wind direction and has been designed especially for for pitched rooftops.


The combination of wind power, photovoltaics and an energy storage system significantly reduces your reliance on the grid.

Two separate energy sources, in combination with a battery, provide you with energy around the clock - regardless of the weather.

Combined with a heat pump, you additionally benefit from hot water and a warm, cosy house.

You produce electricity in all seasons by combining solar and wind optimally:


The Anerdgy B60 was developed from the ground up. The result is a perfect solution to produce power not only during nice weather but also in bad weather conditions. It stands out, not only through its striking looks, but as well as through its high efficiency and unsurpassed safety systems.


Your building deserves it. You deserve it. Your neighbours will envy you. The recogniseable form of the B60 will continue to impress you and will blend into the surroundings.

We succeeded in harmoniously combining both the look and the functionality. You can additionally bespoke your system - please ask us for details.


With the Anerdgy energy production calculator, you can estimate the energy production at your desired location!



The efficiency of the B60 system is 37%, which is a world-class number for small wind turbines. The losses include aerodynamic losses of 55% from the rotors, electrical losses of 13% from the generator, electrical losses of 2% from the inverter and losses of 2% from the cables.


The Anerdgy B60 produces even at low wind speeds, however, should a large storm pass, the B60 is secure through its four-fold safety systems:

1. rpm reduction
2. Rotor blade pitching
3. Safety brake
4. Turning out of the wind.

Even the dynamic balancing of the rotors has been taken care of, resulting in higher safety, longer lifetime and reduction of any vibrations to a minimum. The B60 is designed for a 20 year service lifespan. Maintenance and replacement of parts has been made simple. Your local representative will happily maintain it for you.



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