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Sustainable and economical roof concepts

Sustainable roofs

Roof greening, roof terracing, roof renewable energy, urban roof farming

Did you know that a large part of the sustainable building future can be found on the roof? The reality is that nine out of ten roofs are under­utilised. Studies show that unused roof areas have enormous potential.

How do you make roof areas optimally usable and sustainable? This is what ANERDGY deals with.

With ANERDGY you step towards a sustainable and eco­nomical roof future. As a competent partner for innovative roof design with many years of experience, we will also play an active role in your project.

  • Technical Roof
  • Roof Terrace
  • Green Roof
  • Multi-functional Roof

Roof Ecosystem

Roof ecosystem

Elements within a multifunctional roof

  • Holistic roof concept
  • Roof and energy business model development
  • Evaluation and assessment of options
  • Realisation of preliminary potential analysis, detailed planning and roof servicing
  • legal compliance

  • Roof functions compliance
  • Comparative study of different roof usage cases
  • Dealing with the complex roof construction aspects
  • Selection of various roof technologies
  • Energy generation potential analysis

Roof consulting and specialist roof planning

Roof planning truly thought through "weiter geDACHt"

In order to seriously evaluate and realise existing roof potential, combined expertise from a wide range of specialist areas is required.

As a specialist planner and consultant for roof ecosystems, we combine and deal with the topics of water­proofing, insulation, energy production, safety and protection, greening, terrace use, urban farming and much more.

ANERDGY has extensive expertise and has developed custom software, innovative technology, and stream­lined planning processes. These are used for the evaluation, planning, realisation, and execution monitoring of the roof ecosystem. Service

We have developed our highly innovative roof edge system (MRE) as a key technology to econo­mically harness the sustain­ability potential of flat roof building projects. Innovation

Thanks to our large network of partner companies, we collabo­rate closely with experts their respective fields and are kept up-to-date on the latest developments. Partners

Roof Specialist Planner

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