About us

Our Mission

We believe the time is right for the next step in sustainable living: An environment where daily life is both better and greener and where we and our children can live in harmony with the world around us. Building and infrastructure technology plays an important role in this and we want to make a significant positive impact combining multifunctional and stylish solutions.

Our way

Our clients work hard for a more sustainable world. We support them with our leading-edge technology and service. Anerdgy’s unique product solutions combine multiple Functions, attractive Design and Energy savings for every use case.

»Function.Design.Energy. « is the base DNA found in all our solutions using a backbone of highly innovative components. Modularity and options give architects and engineers planners a high degree of flexibility.

Our business areas

Building solutions

Anerdgy building solutions expand the options available to building owners, architects and planners while simplifying both planning & implementation. They offer added value to enhance the performance of the building and its environment in terms of value preservation, return on investment and improved sustainability.

Electronics solutions

Initially engineered solutions and validated for Anerdgy building solutions, our electronic solutions are now available for other applications. They set a new standard for simplicity as well as multifunctionality, and are optimised to perform long-term under harsh conditions.

Company structure

Our name derives from Anergie = Not usable energy in a technical system. The company Anerdgy develops products to make anergy usable as energy to a greater extent than before.

Type of company: Public limited company

Executive Directors:
Sven Koehler & Peter Shaw & Andre Lohse

(from left: CEO & CTO & MD Anerdgy German)

Foundation: 2012

Zurich(CH) – Headquarter & R&D research center
Chemnitz(DE) –Anerdgy Deutschland GmbH
Wangen(DE) – Warehouse


  • 2019

    • Mar
      Operational start of Anerdgy Germany
  • 2018

    • Oct
      Inauguration of the first MRE project in France
  • 2017

    • Feb
      Jury Winner– Start-Up Pitching Germany Renewable Energy Association
  • 2016

    • Oct
      Inauguration of the first multi-family building with MRE-hybrid modules
  • 2015

    • May
      GreenTec Award – TOP3 in category energy production »Bauen & Wohnen«
  • 2014

    • Dec
      Prototype testing & evaluation.
  • 2013

    • Dec
      First prototype is built to utilise wind & sun.
  • 2012

    • Jul
      Foundation of Anerdgy