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Our Partners

ANERDGY sees a great benefit for both sides in partnerships. As technology partners, we speak the same language and can initiate and validate new developments through exchange, discussion, and cooperation.

Our partners can be found in the following areas:

  • Technology companies with products for and around the roof
  • Consultants that focus on energy concepts
  • Universities in the fields of sustainable construction, urban development, and sim­ulation & AI
  • Installers with a strong practical orientation and drive

ANERDGY as a Partner

We are constantly expanding our planning software with functionalities and the integration of product systems.

This enables us to plan roof solutions and product systems efficiently and with high quality. Typical problems such as knowledge transfer gaps and large training expenses are eliminated.

ANERDGY as a partner offers access to interesting roof projects at low opportunity costs.

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How to reach us


Anerdgy Deutschland GmbH

  • Annaberger Strasse 73
  • 09111 Chemnitz

+49 176 344 402 81


Anerdgy AG

  • Regina-Kaegi-Strasse 11
  • 8050 Zurich

+41 78 666 73 30