Flat roof + 


Flat roof + MRE = Multifunctional roof

What is the MRE?

The Anerdgy Multifunctional Roof Edge (MRE) is the 1st roof edge system that combines buildings functions, attractive design options and local renewable energy generation.

The MRE is classified as a building technology. It takes over the required functionalities from the roof edge area and provides many options for an integrated design.

Multi-family houses and office buildings with the MRE can typically generate more local renewable energy than comparable buildings with classical PV inner roof installations.

What are the benefits?

  • Wall to Wall roof space available for other uses
  • Integrates building functions such as lightning protection, safety rail and façade protection
  • Enables many design options for the roof and facade edge
  • Local electricity & heat from the sun and optionally the wind
  • Cost effective due to the integrated multi-functionality
  • Inspires both tenants and owners

Roof design possibilities

MRE roof possibilities

Uniquely achieving a free roof area in combination with local power generation.

Many new exciting possibilities for technical roofs, roof terraces, urban gardens or a combination thereof. Thanks to the flexible MRE system, you can maximize the potential of your roof.

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Product Variants

MRE Light


The MRE-Light offers an optimal solution for most flat roof buildings. Solar radiation is used in order to generate a high amount of local renewable energy.

Discover MRE-Light projects

It provides the basis of a multifunctional roof edge system which, if planned correctly, meets the requirements of the necessary roof regulations.

The MRE-Light is a great solution both economically and ecologically.

MRE Hybrid


The MRE-Hybrid, formerly »WindRail«, offers the unique possibility to use the wind flow on flat roof edges as an additional source of energy.

Discover MRE-Hybrid projects

Highly effective energy generation on the roof edge is achieved by combining PV with wind energy.

Beside wind electricity generation, the wind flow can also improve the efficiency of air conditioning units.

The economics of the MRE-Hybrid strongly depend on the use case, the specific conditions of the location & regulatory aspects.