Benefits for agriculture

Addicted to rural life

Benefits for medical devices

Help for medical devices

Benefits for energy generation

Best performance to energy

Benefits for swimming pools

In love with water

Benefits for military applications

Reliable in tough situations

Benefits for mining

Relaxed in explosive environments

Benefits for elevators

Enjoys long trips

AFi Device

Motor + AFi-module = the ultimative drive unit

What is the AFi-technology?

The AFi-technology is a unique ALL-IN-ONE electronics package – fully encapsulated, super compact and with ultimate reliability. It controls permanent magnet and induction motors, is easy to program, boasts built in intelligence and communicates via cable or wireless.

  • Harsh outdoor

    Challenging environments don’t just need a robust housing. They also require simple and rapid installation as well as easy maintenance for your engineers and field staff. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) modules makes it easy, so your team can focus its attention elsewhere.

  • Agriculture

    Agricultural equipment is regularly confronted with heavy soiling, corrosive liquids and solids as well as repeated mechanical shocks throughout its lifetime. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics ensures due to it high robustness and sophisticated functionalities for low maintenance.

  • Medical devices

    Reliability and safety are paramount in medical environments, especially in patient areas. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics with built in intelligence and monitoring helps ensure that these needs are met.

  • Energy generation

    o Until now, small energy generation devices (e.g. wind and hydro as well as Stirling engines) lacked an efficient, affordable, programmable and self-contained generator. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) modules built into the generators are the solution to make such products economical, enabling them to realise their full market potential.

  • Pool industry

    Swimming pools can be expensive to maintain and run. However, savings of up to 80% in pump electricity costs are achievable by utilizing systems which can intelligently adapt their pumping speed. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics enable you to conveniently achieve these savings as well as simplifying your pump setup and associated maintenance.

  • Military

    Military equipment operates under extreme conditions and needs to be robust and reliable no matter where it is in the world. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics are built to be at home in these environments, providing a simple yet highly advanced solution.

  • Mining

    Mining is a tough job. Dust and explosive environments require highly robust and encapsulated electronics and control elements. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics are designed for these tough environments as well as providing integrated remote monitoring and control as standard features to ensure issues are detected promptly, prior to any costly breakdowns.

  • Elevator industry

    The highly competitive elevator market needs not only very cost-effective solutions but also requires a high level of security and safety features. Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) electronics can achieve these in a single compact system. Though simple to install, the unique design is difficult to exchange for an off the shelf alternative, thus helping to secure long-term OEM maintenance business models.

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