Electronic Solutions

Did you ever try to source power electronics for extreme environments and which are long lasting & affordable?

We did – and were extremely disappointed. This was the starting point of Anerdgy integrated electronics in 2015.

We applied our mission goals of combining multiple Functions, attractive Design and Energy efficiency to the development of state-of-the-art power electronics using the very latest semiconductor technologies. The result is a new generation of 100-800V fully integrated electronics, that enable the evolution of existing products and completely new ones.

Our solutions are:

Anerdgy Fully integrated (AFi) drive electronics for

• Permanent magnet motors/generators
• Induction motors

Anerdgy Inverter (AIn) modules for

• Multi-input/output inverters
• Grid & island mode inverters
• Car charging stations
• Residential battery storage systems
• Power supply units

Our world-class team works closely with electronic component manufacturers, ensuring we can turn the very latest technologies into state-of-the-art products.